Litholyme CO2 Absorbent

    litholyme co2 absorbent
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  • Affordable and efficient, with maximum safety.  Litholyme® is a new carbon dioxide absorbent for medical use that eliminates the common concerns with traditional soda lime based products in that it eliminates the potential for production of compound A, carbon monoxide, and excessive heat. Its patented formula does not contain any NaOH or KOH, and features a permanent color change that will not revert over time.  Suitable for low flow applications, Litholyme is minimally exothermic, and its patented formula does not interact with sevoflurane or other commonly used inhalation anesthetic agents, even under fully desiccated conditions.  Litholyme features an off-white to violet color change that is permanent and profound, indicating both exhaustion and/or desiccation and eliminating the possibility for inadvertent use of expended product.  Additionally, the deep violet color of exhausted or desiccated product will not fade or revert over time.  Litholyme has efficient CO2 absorption properties which allow it to last as much as 30% longer than other premium CO2 absorbents, making it the most cost effective option for a premium absorbent.

    H-8679 - Jerrycan 5L, sold 2 per case - Bulk container for easy refilling.  Yields approximately 5 refills per Jerycan

    H-8680 - Indivdual Quick Refill Bags, sold 12 per case

    H-8682 - Individual Canisters for all systems that use Cylinder Canisters, sold 12 per case

    H-8683 - Individual Drager Cartridge sold 6 per case.  Designed for Apollo, Pallas and Primus Carestations

    H-8684 - Individual GE Multi Absorber Cartridge sold 6 per case.  Designed for GE Avance, Aespire and Aisys Carestations

    H-8685 - Individual GE Compact Style Cartridge sold 10 per case.  Designed for GE ADU Carestation.  Contains 50% more product than OEM

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