MedMate Needle Guard

  • Product Information

  • Whenever a practitioner requires to withdraw medication from a vial the paractitioner may use a hypodermic syringe with a sharp needle.  There is the possibility that a "sharp injury" may occur, and the possibility of contracting a serious infection.  Thus, we are proud to introduce MedMate.  MedMate is designed to fit all vials and to eliminate the possibility of "sharp Injury."  MedMate has the following features:

    One Size - MedMate fits all vials, I.V. Lines, rubber stopper (puncture ports), and test tubes. 

    Protective Shield - The protective Shield eliminates the needle from accidnetally being contaminated and protects the healthcare professional from an accidental needle stick.

    Slits on Flanges - The slits on the flanges allows viewing and insertion of I.V. Rubber ports.

    MedMate is designed for use anywhere that the withdrawal of a medication from a vial is performed.  The MedMate guard is part of the safety needle and is always there, so the needle is protected from getting accidentally contaminated.  The MedMate is passive safety - no mechanism to deplot.  MedMate is sold in a case of 200.

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