TubeMate Suction Tubing Safety System

    MedMate - Suction - Tubing - Safety - System
  • Product Information

  • TubeMate - position suction, and many other things, where you need it.

    -  Place Suction exactly where you want it every time

    -  Prevents patient-to-patient cross-contamination of dangerous pathogens

    -  Mounts on any universal O.R. table railing

    -  Grips all standard catheters and tubes.

    TubeMate is a unique device designed to clip a suction yankauer catheter to the head of the operating room table.  The purpose of TubeMate is twofold:  1) to serve as an ergonomic mount so that your suction is always at your fingertips.  2) Prevent patient-to-patient cross contamination of pathogens.

    Under normal circumstances, clinicians often find themselves unable to locate the suction during critical parts of anesthesia or sedation care.  Home made solutions or suction mounts can aleviate this problem, but introduce the risk of cross contamination of lethal pathogens as they cannot be efficiently cleaned in between cases.  The standard practice of tucking the suction under the O.R. table cushion creates a potential health hazard as these crevasses cannot be cleaned efficiently. 

    TubeMate is ergonomically designed to attach to any universal O.R. railing found on O.R. tables, anesthesia machines, ICU bays, PACU bays, and even some hospital beds.  The device has racheted teeth to grip all suction catheters, hard and soft.  Most importantly, TubeMate is single-use thus eliminating any possibility of patient-to-patient transmission of pathogens.

    TubeMate is also ideally suited to organize all lines and tubes in the anesthesia or critical care workspace; NG tubes, I.V. tubes, suction and even invasive line transducers. 

    Sold 100 units per case