ProVu® Video Laryngoscope

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  • The future is in your hands.  ProVu Video Laryngoscope blades and handles are single-use, limiting handling of a contaminated device and reducing the risk of cross-infection.  The ProVu Display can be easily disinfected using standard disinfectors, so the product is free from contamination and ready to use for the next patient.  Make your first attempt your only attempt.  The ProVu Laryngoscope imaging system has a focal length, field of view and illumination field optimised for an improved view of the glottic anatomy.  Combined with excellent colour rendition, blackout and blind-spot reduction technology, ProVu Video Laryngoscopes reduce the shadowing effect of an ET Tube when inserted into the upper airway.  Choose from 2 reusable intubation stations, one with a 3.5" screen and a second with an 8" screen that can be positioned on an articulating arm attached to a ProVu Stand.