Salter Divided Cannula with CO2

    Salter Divided CO2 Cannula
  • Product Information

  • The Salter divided cannula permits End Tidal C02 sampling through one nare and 02 administration through the other. Salter’s special End Tidal sampling cannula permits an undiluted end tidal gas sample, even with simultaneous insufflation of oxygen or other gases. The Salter Divided Cannula is a practical effective way to improve the integrity of end tidal monitoring on the non-intubated patient.

    • Adult Divided Cannula
    • Add "F" to end of H number to specify female luer lock connector.
    • *C02 sample lines and pigtails provided with male luer lock connector.
    • 25 per case
    • Latex Free

    For additional infromation or to place an order by phone please contact customer service at 800-400-4484 ext. 1.

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