Williams Airways Intubator

    William Airways Intubator
  • Product Information

  • Commonly called the Intubating Pink Airway, the Williams Airway is often used where no other airway wil do.

    • Latex-Free
    • Use once only – then discard
    • 10 per box

    The Airway Intubator is cylindrical on the proximal half and open on the distal half of the lingual surface. The Airway Intubator is indicated for use as:

    • An oropharyngeal airway.
    • A means of intubating the trachea
    • A guide for fiberoptic laryngoscope placement

    Size Specifications:

    • 9 cm, Adult female, recommended for use with up to 7.5mm I.D. endotracheal tube
    • 10 cm, Adult male, recommended for use with up to 8.5mm I.D. endotracheal tube

    For additional information or to place an order by phone please contact Customer Service at 800-400-4484 ext. 1.

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