Heine LED Laryngoscope Handle - Fiber Optic

    heine fiber optic laryngoscope handle - LED
  • Product Information

  • HEINE BETA® L Li-ion rechargeable handle
    With LED charge status display in the BETA L 3.5V bottom insert.

    Rechargeable handle with Li-ion battery. Fast charge in 2 hours with the NT 300 charger.
    Rechargeable handle with charge status display in the bottom insert. Display lights for 10 seconds when the handle is switched on or removed from the charger.
    No memory effect. Full power at any time without loss of capacity.
    Updates: Existing 3.5V BETA handle can be converted to BETA L by substituting the Li-ion L battery and BETA L bottom insert.
    Compatible with previous chargers (NT 200).
    Ready-to-use Function: If the handle is switched on when replaced in the charger, it automatically switches off. When removed, it switches on again at the previously-selected brightn.

    For additional information or to place an order by phone please contact customer service at 800-400-4484 ext. 1.

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