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    I-GEL Supraglottic Airway
  • Product Information

  • The I-GEL is a truly unique airway device and represents the culmination of years of extensive research and development. The shape, softness and contours accurately mirror the perilaryngeal anatomy to create a perfect fit. This innovative concept means that no cuff inflation is required. The I-GEL works in harmony with the patient's anatomy so that compression and displacement trauma are significantly reduced or eliminated. I-GEL is made from a soft gel-like material and is incredibly easy to use. A proficient user can achieve insertion of the I-GEL in less than 5 seconds. With no inflating cuff, I-GEL provides a safe and rapid airway management solution. Latex Free/sterile/packaged 10/box or 25/box depending on size.

    For additional information or to place an order by phone please contact customer service at 800-400-4484 ext.1.