BritePro Solo Disposable Laryngoscope Blade and Handle with Batteries

    flexicare britepro solo disposable laryngoscope blade and handle with batteries
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    BritePro Solo is the all in one solution for your disposable laryngoscope needs.  This solution comprises of an advanced LED handle and a fully metal blade.  This unique product is just as it should be;  combining the best qualities of reusable laryngoscopes along with all of the benefits of a completely single-use solution.

    BritePro Solo is always ready for use when you are. BriteBlade Solo features a fibre optic hybrid metal laryngoscope blade, with a reinforced nylon base locking system designed for single patient use. The handle is compatible with all green specification blades. With a range of Mac & Miller Blades, BritePro Solo offers with a lower overall cost than reusable purchase, maintenance, cleaning and sterilization costs. BritePro Solo comes prepacked with sterile blade and handle with batteries, and can be tested in pack. Sold 10/Box

    For additional information or to place an order by phone please contact Customer Service at 800-400-4484 ext. 1.

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