BriteBlade Pro FiberOptic Laryngoscope Blade - Disposable - Metal

    BriteBlade Pro Metal Disposable Laryngoscope Blade
  • Product Information

  • BriteBlade Pro is a metal disposable fibre optic blade designed for single patient us which eliminates risk of cross contamination from both blade and handle. It has a unique hinge design that prevents the folded blade from touching the handle.  Compatible with all Fiber Optic Handles.

    Reduces Shoulder and Block Height - Improved access with a greater field of view and less risk of dental damage.

    Enhanced Vision - Shrouded fiber-optic bundle targets loight on the glottic area enhancing view,

    Confidence & Control -100% metal construction matches the proven re-usable blade characteristics.

    Eliminate Risk of Cross-Infection - Single-use individually packed pre-sterilized blade.

    Eliminate Risk of Cross-Contamination - Blade stop design in folded position prevents the blade from touching the handle.

    Wide Choice at a Low Cost - Full range of Mac & Miller Blades with a lower overall cost than re-usable purchase, maintenance, cleaning and sterilization costs

    Individual Sterile package, sold 10 per box.



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